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Muffhyms Maine Coon Cattery is located in Irvine, Orange County, Southern California.

Yoda Updated pic 20 Feb 2022

Muffhyms Maine Coon Cattery is located in Irvine, Southern California.

We are a small, in home Maine Coon Cattery registered with Cat Fancier’s Association.

Irvine is a lovely area to raise our Maine Coons as it offers many attractions for visitors such as an antique carousel, Balloon rides, hiking in Bommer Canyon, The Pretend city Children’s Museum and an Impressionist art at the Irvine Museum.

We are a short drive from Anaheim and have numerous beaches to visit like Crystal Cove.

Litter Expected 2024

Our Story

Born in Southern California I have been a breeder since 1981.

CFA registered under the name, Muffhymscattery.

In 2019 I came across the Maine Coon kitten and fell in love. I am now a breeder of this majestic cat.

Muffhymsmainecoon kittens are raised underfoot around children and dogs. Very social with there own unique personalities.

They will greet you at the door when you come home, follow you around the house and smother you with kisses ( head butts. ) When you fall asleep they will be right by your side When you wake up, they will be right there to help you wake up.

There is so much more that I could tell you about my Maine Coons but I’d rather you find that out for yourself.

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